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Akbar & Regina

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Hello, we are Regina and Akbar.  Thank you for taking the time to read our letter!  We respect your courage, determination, and selflessness in choosing adoption for your baby.   You are facing a difficult decision, and you likely have many questions.  We hope this letter answers those questions and puts your mind at ease by learning more about the loving home we could provide for your baby.


Our relationship began in 2009, and we married in 2013.  We both grew up with large, diverse extended families.  Our 2 children, Kailani and Kainoa, are the loves of our lives.  Adoption is something we have planned for since before we married.  We want to continue to grow our family, and pregnancy is no longer a safe option.  We are committed to an open adoption.  Our circle of family and friends includes people who are adopted themselves or have adopted children of their own.


As a physician couple, we have flexible schedules that allow us to be active & engaged parents.  We own a cozy home with a spacious, canyon-view yard, in a peaceful and diverse neighborhood in San Diego, a few miles from a university and beaches.  It is only a short walk to parks, a library, and stores.


Regina grew up in Southern California.  She became a doctor to help disabled patients, non-English speakers, and people from under-resourced areas.  She has volunteered in Mexico, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, and South Africa.  She is compassionate, well-organized, and dependable.  Regina loves traveling, snowboarding, playing musical instruments, growing fruits and vegetables, and eating food from around the world.  As a mother, she loves taking the kids on afternoon adventures – exploring the zoo or discovering new restaurants.


Akbar spent his childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He grew up as an only child, and always wanted to have a larger family of his own.  As a doctor, he is passionate about serving patients who live in poverty.  Akbar has worked in Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, El Salvador, Tanzania, and South Africa.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading, camping, hiking, running, skiing, and watching movies. He is a patient, devoted, and affectionate father.  One of his favorite things to do is putting the kids to bed – which involves a story and cuddle time for each of them.


Kailani is a curious, adventurous, and responsible 7-year-old.  She loves reading, speaking Spanish & Chinese, going to amusement parks, and playing with our 2 cats.  She is excited to have a new younger sibling, so she can teach them all she knows!  Kainoa is a generous, funny, and observant 5-year-old boy – he makes us laugh every day!  He loves playing on his drum set, building new Lego creations, and swinging and climbing on our play structure.  He looks out for his younger cousins and is looking forward to being an older brother!


We love to travel and explore new places (and restaurants), near and far.  It has become a tradition to visit Hawai’i regularly and rotate between the islands.  We are always up for trying new activities, enjoying the outdoors, and taking lots of pictures!  Our extended families are multiracial, multilingual, and mostly live in California.  We enjoy large holiday gatherings with delicious potluck meals.  Our children are close in age to their cousins and see them frequently.


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.  We are committed to providing a loving, safe home for your child through open adoption.  Know that your child would grow up with our unconditional love and support, and would always know their birth story and heritage, and your act of tremendous love.  


If you would like to learn more about us, call us toll-free anytime at 1-800-490-9081, or you can contact us through our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark at 1-800-969-6665.


We wish you all the best and thank you again!

Regina & Akbar

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