Anne Breedlove, Readoption Coordinator


I am excited to work with Adopt International in two capacities, one as a grad school intern and the other as a Readoption Coordinator.

I am currently pursuing my Masters of Social Work through Rutgers University, and am working primarily with Sharon Meyers and our domestic adoptive families and birth mothers.

As a Readoption Coordinator, I work with our international families in finalizing California's Readoption requirements and obtaining a U.S. birth certificate for our adoptees after they enter the country.


As an adult adoptee, I am thrilled to be surrounded by adoption and to have the opportunity to work will all members of the adoption triad. The work feels very personal, and I have felt welcomed and understood from the moment I joined the staff. The support and sense of community that Adopt offers are indescribable. I feel fortunate to be a part of an organization that helps families find each other.