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Arlie Ausich, Social Worker & Educator

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I hold a clinically-based Master's of Social Work degree with a Child and Family specialized course of study. I also focused on adoption & attachment as it relates to trauma.


I am currently working toward licensure in order to work therapeutically with children/adults who were adopted, as well as their families, from a trauma-informed lens.


Working with Adopt was my first-year practicum for graduate school. I loved the agency so much - its’ mission & values, ethical practices, child-centered approach, and professional & committed staff - and was thrilled at the opportunity to continue working with them when they hired me post-graduation.


Adoption is personal for me. As a transracial, international adoptee from the Philippines, I feel a strong sense of personal responsibility, as well as great joy and fulfillment, to contribute to The Journey in this capacity with the hope of providing every family I work with the tools, knowledge and education they need to support their child and thrive as an adoptive family. 

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