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Colleen Kanaley,
Re-adoption / Finalization Coordinator


Adoption support is a third career for me.  I studied economics and English at Boston College.  Then, I began my professional path as a legislative aide in Congress.  A job opportunity for my husband, Tom, brought us to San Francisco where we raised our six children.  Twenty-four years of full-time parenting taught me many things — not the least of which is there are many dimensions to the term family. 


Now, I am the Readoption/Finalization Coordinator for Adopt International.  I help our families clear the last administrative hurdle of the adoption process, including fulfilling California's Readoption requirements, and for our international adoptees, obtaining a U.S. birth certificate.


When we hear from a family that the Court approved their adoption, there is a collective “hooray” in the office.  Everyone on the Adopt staff is invested in our families, whether it be empowering our birth mothers, supporting our adoptive parents, or advocating for our adoptees.  It is a privilege to support the Adopt community in all of its dimensions.

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