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Domestic Home Study Update (HI Residents)

List of Documents Enclosed in the Downloadable Zip File:


  1. Welcome Letter

  2. Statement of Understanding

  3. List of Documents Enclosed

  4. Home Study Application

  5. What To Send

  6. Home Study Updaate fee agreement

  7. Exchange of Information (complete with your placing agency's info or leave blank)

  8. Criminal Record Statement

  9. DHS 1645 Criminal and FBI Clearance Instructions

  10. DHS 1645 Form (1 for each person over the age of 18 residing in the home)

  11. Child Protective Services System Central Registry Instructions

  12. Child Protective Services System Central Registry Form (1 for each person over the age of 18 residing in the home)

  13. Financial Assets Statement

  14. Example of Employment Verification

  15. Employment History Information

  16. TB & HIV Test Notice

  17. Medical Forms (Adults & Child)

  18. Medical Risk Statement

  19. Child's School Performance Form

  20. Certificate of Pre-Adoption Preparation

  21. Tax Incentives

  22. Statement of Grievance Procedures

Please request the following forms if original study was conducted by ANOTHER agency:

  • Personal History Form


* Please contact Adopt International to obtain further instruction if any of the following apply to you: additional residents over 18 years old live in the home, if you have any arrest history, or have had counseling in the past 2 years.

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