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Fernando & Josseline

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Hi! We are Josseline and Fernando. We want to start by thanking you and by acknowledging your courage. We are incredibly grateful for you taking the time to read our story and for considering us to be a part of your baby’s life. We know that no matter what decision you make, it will be made out of love and compassion, and it will be the best choice for your baby.


We have been together for 14 years and happily married for 10. We have 2 sweet Sphynx cats, Abby and Penny, who love to play and cuddle. We aren’t just a couple, we are also best friends, so naturally we do most things together. We love exploring by getting lost in a new city or country. Driving or walking with no destination is one of our favorite things to do. We are also creatures of habit and enjoy going to our favorite spots: the beach or redwoods, hunting for vintage pieces at vintage fairs, museums, and eating. We are definitely foodies, and love going out to eat at a new or favorite restaurant, buying cooking books and trying new recipes and watching “The Great British Bake-off”.


Although we love exploring, we also like to just hang out together at home. Josseline loves reading historical novels, or anything art related with a blanket and tea while being brutally cuddled by Abby and Penny. She is collecting children’s books that she can’t wait to share with our child. Fernando loves to build things, tinker with machines, or play video games. Some of our favorite movies and TV shows have become little traditions for us like watching “Hocus Pocus” and “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” during Halloween, ‘Harry Potter'' and “Rise of the Guardians'' during the holidays, or watching “Ratatouille”, anytime Josseline needs some cheering up. 


We have families sprinkled around the US, Canada and Mexico. Family and friends are important to us so we go to Mexico and San Diego as often as we can to visit our parents. We have a big family with lots of nieces and nephews who are also a big part of our lives. 


Fernando is always learning something. He is a theater manager, theatrical designer, engineer, and an educator at a local high school. He is smart and creative. He is strong, sweet, determined, honorable, fun and has a great sense of humor. He is a bit of a geek and loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek. Fernando loves music and collects musical instruments. Thirteen years ago Fernando became an uncle. He helped take care of our niece Brooke for a few years while her dad was on deployment. He fell in love and from that moment on he knew he wanted to be a father. Fernando will be an amazing father. He has the biggest heart and will do everything to make sure his baby is safe, happy and healthy. He can’t wait to share and teach all the things he loves to our child.


Josseline is an Illustrator, costume designer and educator. She is kind, compassionate, creative and silly. Josseline likes to volunteer with orgs like Women in Animation and the Superhero Project. She loves anything Disney, Pixar, or animation-related. Josseline has always been surrounded by babies and children and is known as the “baby whisperer”. She dreams of going to museums, art exhibitions and Disneyland with her baby and can’t wait to make art for the baby’s room and do arts and crafts projects with our child. 


We believe in open adoption and are committed to a relationship between us and our child’s birth family. Our child will always know where they came from and will always know they are loved by us, and by you. Thank you for taking time to read a little bit about our story. We would love to talk to you and hear about your hopes and dreams for your baby. We wish you the best in your decision. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. You can call us toll free at 

1-855- 566-1171 or if you prefer you can contact our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark at 1-800-964-6665.

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