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Friederike & Frieder


Thank you very much for taking the time to read our letter and for having the courage to explore adoption for you and your baby. We hope that this letter offers a glimpse into our life and into our commitment to provide a warm, loving, and supportive environment for your child.


We have been a couple for over 20 years and married for 7. We met in a dancing class in High School, fell in love and ever since have appreciated every day of our life together. We grew up in Germany, traveled while studying and finally settled in California 9 years ago. We fell in love not only with the weather and majestic redwoods, but also with the diverse peoples of this beautiful state. We now call Fremont and the Bay Area our home.


Friederike is a kid magnet and enjoys reading books or doing fun science experiments with them. She is looking forward to exploring the world with our child by traveling to exciting places and bringing back exotic baking recipes for those quiet moments at home. Friederike is an aerospace engineer, worked on a flying telescope at NASA, and is now building a new generation of airships for disaster relief.


Frieder is one of the most easy-going, fun people, and he enjoys diving into one of his many hobbies, such as playing the guitar and cooking. He also sees beauty everywhere and documents our life with his cameras. Frieder is looking forward to sharing his interests with our child and helping them find their own lifelong passions. Frieder is a scientist and develops a new generation of medicines to cure rare genetic diseases. 


We both come from very close-knit families and cherish the deep relationships we have with them and our friends. We grew up with wonderful siblings and we hope that our child will have this experience in the future as well. We and our entire family are looking forward to showering our child with love and affection. 


Most of our free time we spend outdoors, especially hiking in state and national parks or tending to our garden. Planting vegetables and colorful flowers is on our list of the many things we are excited to share with our child. We also love going to the Zoo with our goddaughter and we cannot wait to have our child explore the world alongside her.


We are excited to welcome a child into our family through open adoption. We believe that this path not only provides the child with the love of both families, but also allows for a deep and lasting connection between all of us. If our letter resonates with you, we would like to learn more about you and about the hopes and wishes you have for your child. We have set up a toll-free number so you can reach us any time at 888-575-5599. If you prefer, you are welcome to speak with our adoption counselor Lisa Clark at 800-969-6665.




Friederike & Frieder

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