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Jessica & Adrian

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We are Adrian, Jessica, and Luca, our seven-year-old son. Thank you for considering us as an adoptive family for your baby and your courage and strength on this voyage. We look forward to meeting you.


We met in 2009 when we were studying medicine at the same university in Havana, Cuba. We have been married since 2013. Over the years we have found that we share a love for helping people, dancing, music, adventure, and learning languages.  We are fluent in English and Spanish and speak both languages in our home.


We have always wanted to adopt, and this was solidified for us when Jessica learned more about her current risks if she were to become pregnant again.


Adrian grew up in Santiago, Cuba. He rapidly learned English in about a year when he came to the United States in 2013.  Adrian went on to study Kinesiology at San Francisco State.

He is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy and works at Kaiser in Walnut Creek and plans to work in the field of sports medicine.


Adrian is an excellent cook and loves to try out new recipes with the family. He loves teaching Luca more about Cuban culture. He loves exploring California with the family, playing basketball, practicing ju-jitsu, and learning the piano.  Adrian looks forward to taking the new baby to Heather Farms, a beautiful local park near our home with so many fun activities for children.


Jessica grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and went to the University of California Berkeley. She is a primary care doctor who works for the local County Health system. 

She loves finding unique family adventures for the weekends like overnight visits to a farm, miniature golfing, or a beach clean-up.


Jessica likes to volunteer with refugees in her free time and Adrian and Luca sometimes join her on trips to help others. She is kind, and patient and keeps the household functioning smoothly. Jessica also enjoys practicing a martial art called capoeira, learning languages, and playing music. Her favorite part of the day is reading books to Luca at bedtime. And she can't wait to make up silly songs and dances to entertain the new baby.


Luca was born in 2016 and just turned seven. He is kind and funny.  He loves games and puzzles, Pokémon, Legos, playing with his friends, gymnastics, ju-jitsu, and playing with our dog Rousey. His teachers say he is an excellent student and great at helping younger children.  He is so excited to be an older brother.


Luca asked us to let you know he is nice, polite, and a good friend and is excited to teach his new brother or sister things like learning the ABCs.


We purchased our home in Walnut Creek, California in 2017. We live in the Bay Area about 30 minutes east of San Francisco.


Our home is right off the Iron Horse Trail, a paved multi-use trail that connects to many parks and where a lot of families, including ours, ride bikes and scooters. The surrounding public school system is excellent and consistently receives high scores for teaching. The neighborhood is diverse and safe with lots of fun and enriching activities for children.


In our free time as a family, we like to have dinner with friends, play music together, hike with our dog, see plays at our local theatre, and attend Cuban and Brazilian cultural events. Sunday afternoon is kids Cuban dance class day, and we meet up with other American-Cuban couples and watch our children learn traditional dances from the Caribbean.


We love to travel. Every year we return to Cuba to visit with Adrian's mother and father and extended family. We also took Luca to Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, and Argentina to visit friends and volunteer.   Adrian's brother Wilber lives in Spain, his brother Damian lives in Miami, and his brother Vladimir lives in Cuba.  We see them frequently.  We also hope to revisit our family in New Zealand soon.


We are lucky to have a strong network of family. Luca has ten cousins! Jessica's Brother Ben and his family, older Sister Megan, and her family, Father Bob and Stepmother Ilene, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Ian live nearby.   Jessica's younger Sister Caitlin and her partner Lawrence visit many times a year and love to take Luca out on adventures into nature like camping, swimming, and visits to the beach. Holidays are often spent with Aunt Ellen and the rest of the family at her small farm in Sebastopol.  Sometimes we travel to a beautiful rural town in Mexico where Jessica's Aunt Gretchen lives.


We promise that your child will grow up in a home full of love, nurturing, learning, playfulness, songs, adventure, and friendship. We will provide a home that is safe, healthy, and financially stable.  We are committed to helping your child to be caring, happy, and successful.

Your child will grow up knowing their birth family and adoptive family heritage.


We are strong believers in open adoption and are committed to keeping you connected with our family. We hope to share milestones with you regularly and want you to visit.


Thank you for considering us.  We look forward to talking to you more and learning about you and your dreams for the baby.  If you think we are the right family for your baby, please contact us any time.


Jessica and Adrian:



Lisa Clark, Adoption Counselor:


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