Dwayne & Jodi

Aloha. We are Jodi and Dwayne. We are delighted, grateful and humbled that you are considering us

for the adoption of your precious baby. We admire your strength and courage in considering adoption.

We imagine the decision is very difficult and comes from great hope and love. We will always respect

and cherish it.

We met in August of 2012 through Dwayne’s friend, who thought we would be a match. He was right.

We talked on the phone, went on a few dates, and the relationship blossomed from there. We were

soon married in March of 2014. We tried for several years to have children. Our hearts and home are

full of love and we are enthusiastic in our desire to share this with a child through adoption.

We have similar values based on love, respect, openness, honesty, support and forgiveness. These are

all values that we practice every day and hope to share with a child that we will treasure.

We have two fur babies, named Pilialoha and Punialoha. They are 3-year-old sisters. We were

fortunate in being able to bring them home from the Human Society of Honolulu when they were just 6

weeks old. As soon as we saw them, they filled our hearts with joy and we knew it was meant to be.

They are lab mixes. They are quite playful and love children. I know they will be great companions to a

new child in the family.

We are both born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. Most of our families are both still living on Oahu as well.

We were raised in an ‘island lifestyle’ in that we are light hearted and carefree people, loving and

respecting the people and land around us. We believe family is the most important thing in life and

hope to raise our child in the same way.

Dwayne is a Property Manager at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu. While important, his work

allows for flexibility and time at home to spend with family. Dwayne is kind, conscientious, loving and

cool under pressure. He is optimistic in life and always puts others before himself. He loves spending

time outdoors, fishing and running. Dwayne looks forward to taking our child hiking, fishing and helping

them with homework.

Jodi is a nurse at VA Hawaii, caring and serving those who served our country. Her work hours are

flexible, thus allowing her to spend time with family as well. She is an open minded, friendly, outgoing

and a loving person. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, dancing hula,

going to the theatre, and participating in community cultural events. Jodi looks forward to reading bed

time stories, spending time making fun treats, and celebrating holidays with our child.

Should you choose us as parents for your child, please know that we will provide a loving home whereby

the child’s wellbeing and happiness will be of the highest priority. We support as much communication

as you would like throughout the child’s life. We imagine the decision to pursue adoption is difficult.

However, please know that if you choose this path with us, we will devote our lives to raising your child

with unconditional love.

Mahalo your time, consideration and strength.

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