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Kevin & Amanda


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. This must be a difficult and stressful time as you decide what is best for you and your baby. We truly admire your strength and courage exploring adoption. We hope this letter offers a glimpse into the life your baby would have as part of our family. 

We are Kevin and Amanda and are excited to become parents! Our wish is to provide your child with a loving, nurturing, and supportive family. As parents, we will honour and respect your relationship with your child through whatever level of openness feels good to you. 

Amanda’s hometown of San Diego is where we met in 2005. Kevin had recently moved there from England for a new job. From the first time we met we have been inseparable. Our relationship and love grew as we explored all that San Diego had to offer. After 9 years of adventures together (traveling, moving to New York, moving to Northern California, and buying a home) we realized that we wanted to get married and start a family. In 2014 we said our “I do”s joined by family and friends. 

We live in Menlo Park, CA (South of San Francisco) with our three cats, Mowgli, Smudge, and Bagheera. Our home is in a peaceful neighborhood, within walking distance of the community center and pool, parks, and the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Kevin works as a Software Engineer for YouTube while Amanda works as a Community Coordinator at Stanford University. We are both fortunate to have flexible work hours. 

One of our favorite activities is traveling. When exploring we often think how much fun it would be to share our experiences with our child. Locally we enjoy visiting Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, its beaches and hiking the Bay Area’s trails, redwood forests and visiting the elephant seals. For a longer weekend we head to Lake Tahoe and National Parks like Yosemite. We dream of the day we can take our child to Disneyland and the famous San Diego Zoo! 


Amanda loves to read, craft, cook and entertain. She looks forward to having a little Sous Chef in the kitchen and a child to cuddle with and read her favorite books to. Amanda also volunteers with a local cat rescue where she works with stray cats and we often foster cats and kittens. Kevin is also creative. He enjoys building “things”— from massive Lego sets and dining room tables to a life size wooden dinosaur skeleton which stands in our front yard. Every year Kevin attends ComicCon in San Diego and has already started to plan daddy and me costumes. Previously, Kevin worked in the video game and movie industries, and enjoys playing and watching both. Kevin is eager to build a birdhouse with our child and teach our child to hold a game controller! 

Holidays are a big deal around our home, we both love to decorate for any holiday that we can find decorations for. Each year we host a pumpkin carving party with neighborhood families. We look forward to sharing our love of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with our child! 

Amanda grew up in a very large tight knit family, she has 5 siblings, 2 nephews, 1 niece, 7 aunts/uncles, and 22 cousins. We visit San Diego several times a year for birthdays and holidays, which are no small affair! Amanda’s niece and nephews call her “Annie Mannie”. Kevin’s immediate family includes his parents, sister, and two nieces. Kevin speaks with his family weekly and we travel to England every year or two. Also Kevin’s parents come out every year to visit. Both sides of our family are really excited to welcome another grandchild to the family and to spoil him or her rotten.


Our support system in the Bay Area is amazing. From our neighbors to our friends we are incredibly lucky to have these people in our lives. They are all excited for us to become first time parents. 

Thank you for reading our letter and considering us to be loving parents to your child. If you believe we might be the right family for your child, please contact us anytime (24/7) at 888-344-7673. You may also call our adoption counselors Sharon Meyers or Lisa Clark at 800-969-6665.

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