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Liz & David

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Hola! We’re Liz and David. Thank you for reading this far – we know you are facing a tough decision, and you have our utmost respect. We hope this letter gives you a sense of who we are and the loving and secure home we would provide for your child.


We met at Stanford University in 2004 as members of an on-campus theater group. After working on seven shows together in four years, we staged our biggest original production – our musical theater inspired wedding in October 2008. In 2015 we slowed our community theater involvement and switched to singing lullabies to our daughter, Marisol. We may no longer be working on multiple stage productions each year, but we still jump at the opportunity to express our creative sides by singing karaoke, writing song parodies, building family Halloween costumes, and attending local theater productions.


Liz is a patient, extremely organized, and empathetic stay-at-home mom. She enjoys sharing her love of gardening with Marisol and David,  canning jams made from berries she has harvested from the backyard, and smearing that jam on a slice of David’s homemade sourdough. When not gardening or mom-ing, Liz loves writing, reading books in English and Spanish, volunteering, and learning more about other languages and cultures. She is a third-generation Californian who is extremely happy to have a forever home in San Mateo, just a short drive from where her parents still live in San Jose.


David was born in Mexico City to a Cuban mother and a Mexican father. He and his older sister were raised in Mexico with frequent trips to Puerto Rico to visit the Cuban side of the family. At 18 David came to the U.S. for college and decided that California was the place to put down roots. He now works at a start-up in San Francisco developing software used by professional bookkeepers. His job allows him to work from home often, which frees up more time to play with Marisol. In his spare time, David loves baking bread, playing board games, reading books, playing the piano, and planning the next family trip.


Our daughter Marisol is a caring, energetic, and outgoing four-year-old. She’s quick to warm and will quickly strike up a conversation, in both English and Spanish, with anyone she meets. She loves music, dancing, reading, climbing trees in our backyard, and, more than anything, playing with her friends. Marisol can’t wait to have a little brother or sister with whom she can sing and play!


As a family, we take full advantage of our beautiful California home. We love playing at our local parks, learning at zoos and science centers statewide, and meeting up with friends at local festivals year round. With friends and family in Mexico and across the U.S., it is a good thing that we also love to travel! We look forward to taking our children around the world, teaching them how to politely order new foods in local languages and marveling at the unique sights and experiences that every new destination has to offer.


Our family is no stranger to open adoption. Liz is close to her cousin, who was adopted as an infant during Liz’s teenage years. We lent moral support (and baby carrier recommendations) as David’s closest cousin formed a family through adoption nearly two years ago. We look forward to being part of an open adoption.


If you would like to talk to text, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us toll free at any time at 1-888-978-8435, 

or contact our adoption counselors Lisa Clark and Sharon Meyers at 1-800-969-6665. Whatever your choice, we wish you and your baby a lifetime of happiness.

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