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Nithya & Subbu

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Hello, we are Nithya and Subbu. First off, we want to thank you for taking time to read this short introduction about us. We admire your strength and selflessness as you take this step towards exploring adoption and we’d like to express our sincere gratitude for possibly entrusting your baby with us. We want to welcome you into this journey of getting to know us and hope that it will give you enough information to make an informed decision about us and our commitment to your child.


We have always wanted to adopt a child to be part of our family. Although, we had our share of challenges in trying to become biological parents, the thought to adopt a child or children ‘someday’ had crossed both our minds even before we met each other.

We both are first generation immigrants who were born and raised in a beautiful city in the southern part of India called Bangalore. We had a great childhood and we grew up in the presence of loving parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Our parents worked hard and sacrificed a lot to give us an excellent foundation that allowed us to thrive in our adult lives and careers. Both our parents live in India and visit us often. Subbu is the younger of two brothers and Nithya is the oldest of two sisters. Subbu and Nithya have family both near and far including Subbu’s brother and family in India and   Nithya’s sister in San Jose, CA.

Subbu, who is cheerful, driven, and a grateful person, came to the US to pursue his Masters in 2002. After a successful decade in the software Industry, Subbu co-founded a software company in the Silicon Valley in 2014 that is currently doing very well. We were married in July 2008.


Nithya who is a compassionate, selfless and loving person, pursued a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. After working for a few years at a Community Mental Health Organization, she now works as a Clinical Psychologist at a integrated health organization. 

We live in Union City, California, a beautiful child-friendly town that has plenty of parks, trails and many community activities. We love to travel, play board games, go on hikes, spend time with family and explore new restaurants and cafes. We are thrilled and excited to imagine doing all these activities with our children.

Although we are proud of our accomplishments, we are simple people and are grounded. Our parents are our role models. We have learned hard work, sacrifice and discipline through their strong values and work ethic. Even though we can afford a very comfortable life style, we live simply and economically to provide a stable supportive home and financial stability to our future children.

We are seeking open adoption because we want our child to know that they are loved by both their birth parents and their adoptive parents. An open adoption would ensure that our children remain connected to and in communication with their birth family. We are committed to raising your child with a foundation based on good family values and principles.

We want to thank you again for allowing us to introduce ourselves. Given an opportunity, we would love to talk with you, answer your questions and learn more about you. If you believe that we are the right adoptive parents for your child, please do reach out to us at our toll-free number (1-866-377-8677).


You can also contact our adoption counselor Lisa Clark at 1-800-969-6665. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best for whatever path you choose for you and your baby. 

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