Yojna & Preston

Hello, we are Preston and Yojna.  Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We respect and admire your courage in considering adoption for your baby.  We are writing to tell you a little about us and the loving family we would provide for you child.


We met about eleven years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party in New York City. Our marriage is based on mutual respect and our love continues to grow each year. We value respect and compassion for others, and wish to share those values with our child.


Yojna’s job brought us to the Bay Area about six years ago. Yojna is currently working in finance for a brokerage company in San Francisco. Preston is a public information officer for a local county health department, with a side-gig as a professional photographer. Preston has traveled to about 17 countries, documenting immigrant families and cultural histories, and has had his works displayed in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.


We live in a quiet, safe community in the Bay Area. Our home is in a cul-de-sac surrounded by families with young kids of various ages. We chose this town to start a family because it has a diverse community with good schools, safe parks, and friendly neighbors. Our closest neighbors know of our plans to adopt and have offered their support as an extended “family” so our child will grow up in a welcoming environment with many other children to play with—whether that be bike riding, skateboarding or playing in the park with our pug, Gumbo.


Yojna grew up in India and lived in a large family that included her uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents. She moved to New York as a teenager in high school. She is still close to her extended family in India and communicates with them often through Facebook and WhatsApp.  On a typical weekend, she enjoys running outdoors or hiking with friends.


Preston grew up in the South with his parents and sister. His father was a headmaster at schools in Florida and Maryland, so they moved often. He enjoyed school, and loved biking, playing soccer, and Cub Scouts. He went on to get a bachelors’ degree in English and a graduate degree in creative writing. He taught English and Spanish before moving to New York and then taught photography in the journalism school at Columbia University.


We love spending time together—both indoors and outdoors. We enjoy watching all kinds of movies and shows together, as well as listening to a variety of music, including jazz, hip-hop, and old rock.  We enjoy going to concerts and museums especially when there is a new photography exhibition. Yojna looks forward to the days when she can go for walks with the stroller with our child, and Preston looks forward to reading to him or her and sharing his love of photography.


Preston’s family has very positive experiences with adoption: Not only has his sister adopted a baby, his father was also adopted. We feel very fortunate to have the love and support of both our families in our adoption journey. Our child will grow up surrounded by the love and support of our family, friends, and neighbors.


We thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We invite you to reach out to us to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached toll free at (800) 214-0854 or by email at yojnaprestonadopt@gmail.com. You can also reach our warm and helpful adoption counselors Lisa Clark or Sharon Meyers at (800) 969-6665.

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