About Adopt International

Our Mission - 

We recognize the right of every child in the United States and throughout the world to find a loving, permanent family who will meet her or his individual needs.

Our vision focuses on making a difference in the lives of children remaining in institutional care through education and humanitarian efforts.

In 2019, Adopt merged with Bay Area Adoption Services. Learn more about the History of both organizations here: 

Our People - 

Our staff is committed to providing professional, comprehensive services with an emphasis on meeting and responding to the needs of our culturally diverse community while reflecting the changing adoption environment and providing continuous quality improvement, compassion and generosity.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community members who care deeply about Adopt's mission. Our Board Members contribute time, talent, and financial support to ensure Adopt's programs run smoothly. We pride ourselves on the diversity of lived experiences our Board Members bring to their work with Adopt. Our Board currently includes members who bring perspectives as adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth/first family members. 

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