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Domestic Adoption

Domestic open adoption is when the adoptive family is chosen by the birth mother, usually before the baby is born or in some cases, right after delivery. The baby is usually discharged to the adoptive family from the hospital for the purposes of adoption.


We are strong advocates of OPEN ADOPTION and it is our pleasure to help families gain understanding and comfort with how open adoptions benefit adoptive parents, birth families and most of all, adoptees. This program is open to residents of California and Hawaii.

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Domestic Adoption Services

Domestic Adoption Services Before Placement

  • Domestic Outreach

  • Expectant Parent Intake and Assessment

  • Gathering Medical History and Records

  • Counseling

  • Hospital Coordination and Preparation

  • Network and collaborate with other Domestic Agencies, Facilitators or Attorneys

  • Out of State Placements


Domestic Adoption Services After Placement


  • Coordination with attorneys for birth father terminations

  • Post Adoption Contact Agreements (in California)

  • Domestic Post Placement Supervision

  • Domestic Finalization

  • Ongoing Life Long Support

  • Relinquishment Services


To learn more about our Domestic Adoption Program please sign up to attend an info night by registering online by clicking here

Adopted Baby

Process Overview

If you are a resident of California or Hawaii, and you’re interested in open domestic adoption using Adopt International as your home study and placing agency below are the steps to bringing your baby home.

  1. Make an appointment for a consult to learn more about Adopt International’s Domestic Adoption Program.

  2. Begin Your Home Study (read more about this below).

  3. Apply to our Domestic Adoption Program.

  4. Begin program meetings with a AI Staff.

  5. Make Books.

  6. Becoming a ‘Waiting Family’ and use Adopt as a supportive resource.

  7. A match is made! Get to know the expectant mom and maybe father or extended family.

  8. Bring your child home.

  9. Post Placement Supervision meetings with your Adopt International Social Worker.

  10. Make a court date to finalize your domestic adoption.

Home Study

Domestic Home Study Process


The Home Study assessment is a mandatory part of the adoption process. This part of your adoption journey can be a rewarding one, and help you learn about what it means to parent an adopted child.

It was once thought that passing a home study was the biggest "hurdle" in the adoption process. But we know from experience that most people “pass” their home studies with ease, and actually enjoy the process and confess to really learning something new and relevant. We conduct home studies with respect and openness and proudly work with single parents, non-traditional families and traditional families alike.

Before beginning your Home Study, we welcome the opportunity to have you schedule a free consult with one of our Social Workers to give you an overview of the entire process. After we receive your application, a social worker will be assigned to you and will call to make an appointment to begin the Home Study process.

During the six to eight week Home Study process you will:​

  • Gather Paperwork

    • Supporting documents like birth/marriage certificates, financial records, medical records, reference etc. are required by California Department of Social Services. We will give you plenty of instruction to make this part as painless as possible!

  • Complete Education

    • All of our families will have the benefit of our Adoption Seminar, and further classes may be required depending on the type of adoption you are pursuing. 

  • Meet with your social worker

    • The study includes discussing topics of motivation for adoption, financial stability, current health status, criminal histories, family support, understanding of adoption (domestic or international), and your commitments to helping your child understand his or her history. 

    • These discussions are meant to helpful, NOT judgmental. Your social worker is an excellent source of knowledge and support that we want you to take complete advantage of throughout the entire adoption process.


The Home Study will include a final “approval,” that specifies the age, health and ethnicity of the child you want to adopt. Your approval is valid for 1 year.

Click here for downloadable Home Study applications


You will be prompted for a username and password. Call us for a short intake and we will provide those to you. 


Our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Open Adoption

Domestic Open Adoption

Our Domestic Adoption Program focuses on open adoptions. This means that expectant parent(s) select the domestic adoptive family and have the option to stay in contact with them throughout the child’s life.

Domestic Open Adoption Research Says…

  • Open adoption is not only best for adopted children, but also for birth and adoptive parents.

  • The children do much better by having that piece of their life’s story filled in.

  • Domestic open adoption allows birth parents to rest assured in their child’s well-being.

  • Adoptive families have access to important health information, family history and personal knowledge of traits and talents that may be genetically inherited.

The degree of openness can vary based on the level of contact desired whether it is through pictures, letters, phone calls and/or visits.

Our Domestic Adoption Program staff members help expectant or birth parents choose the right adoptive family for them and their child. Often things such as location, lifestyle, religion, ethnicity, personality, and hobbies are factors in this decision.


In California, the birth parent/s have the option to make this agreement legally binding, however, when developing a trusting relationship, many birth families feel comfortable with a verbal agreement.

It is normal and even expected to have anxiety about open adoption at first. Other people’s stories can help you overcome your own worries. We are happy to help you:

  • Talk to adoptive parents who were nervous about openness in the beginning of their domestic adoption process.

  • Hear from the birth parents on why they wanted an open adoption.

  • Be connected to adult adoptees that have open adoptions.


We can also guide you to research, readings and local conferences focusing on domestic adoption to gain more knowledge.

Baby Placed



Finalization is the final step for a domestic adoption. It is the process by which you obtain a final Adoption Decree and  get a new birth certificate that changes the child’s legal name and names you as the parent. At this point the original birth certificate is sealed.

You may either complete this process on your own (with the assistance of Adopt) or you may and choose to hire an attorney to help complete and file the court paperwork. Please note that if you hire an attorney, the courts almost always require a court report from the agency, so you’ll be working with both Adopt AND an attorney, rather than one or the other.

Please contact our office to get a packet of forms and instructions

Find your local court house here

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