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Christina & Seth 

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Hello, we’re Seth and Christina! We’re excited that our letter found its way to you! We understand the choice to place your child for adoption is a difficult decision made with lots of love. We have so much respect for the care and thought that goes into your decision. We would be honored if you choose us to parent your child, and we hope that this letter shows you the warm, loving family we would provide.


We met through friends in 2016, and quickly realized we were in it for the long haul. Our relationship has always felt natural, like our lives just fit together easily. After a couple years, we moved together to Sonoma County, where Seth grew up. Having a sense of community is important to us, so we wanted to build our life together where we have friends and family. After finding out we weren’t able to have biological kids, we quickly started considering adoption. Christina’s mom was an adoption attorney for 30 years and she has cousins who were adopted, so she grew up around families created through adoption. As we’ve explored the adoption process together, we feel confident that adoption is the right choice for us. 


Seth is funny, good-natured, and kind. He loves spending time outdoors, hiking, and swimming. Every year, he goes on a backpacking trip with some of his friends from childhood (and now their kids as well!). He’s always curious about learning new things, like taking a woodworking class or doing a deep dive into different music genres. He’s excited to share his love for nature and learning new things with our child. Seth also channels these passions in his career as an environmental law attorney, helping communities access clean drinking water. As a dad, Seth will always be up for silly games and fun adventures. He’s a favorite with our friends’ kids because he’s ready for anything, from setting up a zipline to building elaborate Lego creations. 


Christina is compassionate, thoughtful, and supportive. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles, reading mystery novels, and listening to too many podcasts. She works as a school psychologist, helping kids with special needs at an elementary school. Every day at work is different from the next, but her students are always sweet and silly. Christina loves taking advantage of the long summer breaks to pursue new interests, like watercolor painting or building planters for our front yard. This year she’s taking a Spanish class. She can’t wait to have summer breaks for special adventures with our child. As a mom, Christina will be patient and nurturing. She’s always up for reading stories, craft projects, or just listening to kids talk about their day.


We own a cozy house in Santa Rosa that we share with our dog, Charlie. Our street has lots of families with young children, and we’re only one block away from the local elementary school. By walking for 15 minutes in either direction, we can explore shops downtown or visit the donkey on a nearby farm. On a typical weekend, we like sharing morning coffees, comparing crossword answers, trying out new restaurants, and getting together with family. Some of our best memories involve cooking together in the kitchen, with music playing and Charlie darting between our legs to look for scraps. We also like to spend time in our yard planting vegetables, and on rainy afternoons we lean into our nerdy sides by pulling out board games, especially escape room-style games. We also love humor and comedy, whether it’s rewatching episodes of Bob’s Burgers for the millionth time or going to local stand-up comedy nights. 


Openness is a big part of what feels right and important to us about adoption. We know that having an open relationship with you, to whatever extent you feel comfortable, will help your child feel loved and supported. If you choose us as adoptive parents for your baby, please know that we see adoption as an adventure we are taking on together with love and mutual respect. 


We look forward to learning more about you and your dreams for your baby. If you’d like to talk to us, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to call us anytime, toll-free at 1-844-363-7663. You can also contact our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark, at 1-800-969-6665.


With love and gratitude,

Seth and Christina

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