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Love Party










Love Party is our favorite day of the year!! It is an opportunity to meet adoptive families and be in a place where everyone is part of an adoptive family!


Like at many family gatherings, yummy food and drinks are provided. Silly carnival games and an entertainer (what a magician or an animal balloon maker or maybe the bubble person?) usually drops by to compliment this joyful event.


Love Party is run by Adopt Staff and youth and adult volunteers.

From February 3, 2024 Love Party

The end of this year

is drawing near

How can it possibly be

We're already done with 2023?


Fret not! We bring you good cheer

A party for your calendar in the new year

Mark us down (in pen, we implore)

Love Party's on Feb 3, 2024


The holiday season is certainly great

But for us, we really can't wait

For the day when Adopt makes merry

Spending time with you in February


If you've been before

You know you'll adore

Spending time with old friends

Who always attend


And we'll welcome new kiddos

Their parents and siblings - ditto

By the time we all say adieu

They'll already feel like old friends too


Come ready to talk to eat and to play

There may even be some magic that day

You'll spend a day with other families who

Came together by adoption - just like you!


To learn more or put your names on our list

Give us a call and we can assist

Or send us an email if that's more your style

Your name in our inbox will give us a smile


(And if reading our rhymes is irritating, or worse,

See the details below, not written in verse!)

Adopt International is a non-profit adoption agency committed to building forever families through Domestic and International Adoption and to supporting families throughout the adoption experience and into post-adoption. 


Our annual Date Night fundraiser ensures we have the operational funds we need to go above and beyond for hard to place cases and to help us provide superior support (often pro-bono) for birth moms, adoptees, and adoptive families.

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