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Eric and Jenn

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Hi, we’re Eric and Jenn. We appreciate the time you are taking to read this and admire your strength and courage. As  you are considering a family to love and raise your baby, we hope you are getting the support you need to make this  decision. We wish to give you a picture of the loving, warm and happy home we can provide.  

We met over 6 years ago on a surprise blind date and got married in 2019. After experiencing difficulties with  infertility, we were surprised to get pregnant with our son Kuma (means Bear in Japanese) in 2021. Before getting  pregnant, we had begun the adoption process in hopes of bringing a child into our lives. Our excitement to adopt has  brought us here today, with a family ready to love and nurture another child. We love being parents and cannot wait  to expand our family through open adoption.  

Jenn is a loving and focused partner who has always gone out of her way to be present for her family and friends.  She has created a fun and loving environment everyday for Kuma ever since he was born. Staying home with him has  brought all of us together that much more. She lovecs exploring with Kuma, taking walks to the park, and shopping  (mostly window shopping). She is excited to share these interests with our future child as well as experience traveling  near and far with their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Through her entrepreneurial collaboration with her  sister to open multiple stores in San Francisco or developing relationships with the elderly through volunteering, Jenn  has provided support and a sense of calm in our neighborhood and community.  

Eric has a fun, light-hearted nature that keeps us balanced. He’s creative in his day job as partner/owner of an  architectural lighting design firm. Having a flexible work schedule, Eric has the ability to spend time at home with  family and also be creative with his passion for woodworking, design and food. Those fun skills build warmth and joy  in our wonderful home. He’s a great cook who always is looking for new inspiration from multi-cultural recipes and  has a knack for sewing and builds amazing furniture. And as a dad, Eric loves to involve Kuma in all of these things.  Everything from playing with toy tools to exploring with kid size fake food, there is always an activity for dad to be  involved with and explore together.  


Kuma is a very social boy. He makes sure to say ”Hi!” when he comes into any room. Even his grandparents and  cousins call us just to talk with him because they know he’s ready to joke and laugh. Kuma loves mountain biking,  playing basketball, hiking trails, camping with cousins and making art around the house. Most recently, he’s been  playing soccer on a team with neighborhood friends every week. Kuma can’t wait to share all the passions he has  with his future sibling.  


We live in an ethnically diverse neighborhood in San Francisco close to many parks and the beach. Our relationship is  filled with exploring our local eateries, museums, shopping at the farmer’s market, hiking, crafting and spending time  with loved ones. We are fortunate to have most of our family (includes 6 nieces and nephew) and good friends close  by. Our relationships with our siblings and parents are very important. We are lucky to have both Jenn’s family and  Eric’s family embrace each other, which makes for very fun vacations, birthdays, holidays and weekend hang outs.  

We hope to share future memories with you if you feel we are the right family for your baby. We are fully committed to  keeping connected to you and your child and being transparent with them about their adoption story and family  heritage. We are excited to have the opportunity to create a family with your baby and you.  

We are so grateful that you took the time to read our story and if you would like to learn more about us or ask any  questions, feel free to call us at anytime. Our phone number is 1-888-406-8166 (toll-free and 24/7). You may also  reach out to our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark. Her phone number is 1-800-969-6665.

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