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Mark & Laura

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Hi, we’re Laura and Mark.


Although we haven’t met, we admire you for carefully considering what is best for your baby and we can only imagine how hard it must be to think of choosing a family to love, care and raise your child. You may have lots of questions and we’d very much like to help. By the end of this letter, we hope to have given you a sense of who we are and how we could provide a nurturing and loving family life for your child and form a life-long relationship with you through the joining our families.


We are a fun and loving family living in San Francisco, California. In our home, on top of one of the many San Francisco hills, we have beautiful views over the Bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge and consider this beautiful city our playground. Laura was born and raised in a loving family in Canada, growing up spending weekends with cousins and extended family on the farm and developed a love for nature and animals. Mark was raised in a wonderful and caring large family in the UK with family who now live throughout England and Thailand, with lots of cousins and children who frequently visit San Francisco. Despite the distance, our families are very close and get-togethers are common. We met at a medical conference in Colorado in 2003, when we were both studying for our doctorates in Europe and Canada. We fell in love and built a strong relationship with many visits to Europe and Canada, before getting married in 2005. Throughout our 16 years of marriage, spending time in school and building our professional lives, we are living a wonderful life- nurturing our relationship and family and believe in living life to fullest and with a home full of laughter. Pregnancy didn’t work for us and in 2018 we became an adoptive family when Madeleine joined our world. Now a toddler, Madeleine loves the playground, dinosaurs and music. She has brought so much joy and pleasure to us and we love spending time, in an open relationship, with Madeleine’s birth parents.


As professionals, Mark directs a group of medical researchers trying to prevent asthma and cure tropical infections. Laura directs a team helping scientists trying to cure inflammatory bowel diseases. In our jobs, we both have lots of flexibility and work from home and around our precious family time. We have both been very fortunate and were given endless support and opportunities to study as much as we liked early in our schooling and careers. We are excited to share our love of learning and provide even more opportunities to our growing family. We are outdoor enthusiasts, spending a lot of time with friends and family in the beautiful year-round weather in California. We swim, run and cycling together and practice yoga. Discovering new cultures and foods and exploring new corners of the world is a big part of our lives, including within the neighborhoods of San Francisco. Mark is a big kid and is a great dad- he’s always looking for fun things to do in the city. He has always had a strong desire to help people who find themselves less fortunate- mentoring students and helping the homeless. Laura is very motherly and nurturing and lifts up those who cannot speak for themselves, particularly those of the four-legged kind. Laura loves children and is a great mom, playing and joking with Madeleine and sharing her love of nature, hiking and camping- she remembers to always get some dirt under her fingernails! Our dog, Louie, who was adopted from a shelter in California. He is a bundle of love and bonds with new friends immediately and loves playing with Madeleine and her friends. As an open adoptive family, we realize and embrace the fact that we are all different and connect in beautiful ways. We are now ready to grow our family and raise another child with love, happiness and endless opportunities.


We both raise Madeleine, splitting maternity / paternity time 50:50, both attending pediatrician appointments and sharing housework- creating more time for fun. We believe that a loving and stable environment is important, where mistakes are OK and we learn from each other’s experiences. If you choose the adoption path and think we might be the right family, please call or email anytime.




Laura and Mark

Mark and Laura Wilson:                                                                                 

Adoption Counselor: Lisa Clark Toll-free and available 24/7 1-(866)-618-9198                                                                                 Toll-free and available 24/7  1-(800)-969-6665                                                                                                                                                                  

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